herbal hair dyeing shampoo



Natural color changing shampoo by Prim Perfect
Safe with the invention of 5 natural herbs.
That is not harmful to the body And the results are satisfactory
Easy to use by yourself Reduce complicated steps Just mix the solution
On the lid of the hand and apply it all over the head Do the same as normal shampoo
Leave on for 20-30 minutes then rinse with clean water. You will get
Good looking personality Reassure you again, change quickly
With features from natural herbs And production technology
That is modern, helping the color to stick easily Does not peel off, conceal white hair
With a natural close look In no time, not lost
100% free of PPD-induced allergies And irritation
To the hair and scalp And free from ammonia ingredients
Pungent Therefore does not cause irritation to the respiratory system
Of you or nearby people
How To use: Change hair color. Same as normal shampoo
Result: Hair color changed as needed. Natural hair color, not fooling the eye
Long-lasting, not easy to peel, soft and flowing hair Can be used by both men and women

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