Scientific name: Andrographis paniculata
Properties: cure heat in thirst, hot water, neutralize fever, diarrhea, herbs
Andrographis Paniculata has been certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an herb.

That relieves colds And enhance immunity than using antibiotics No sleepiness
No resistance Suitable for people who have a cold easily, often hot because of relaxation
Insufficient to protect the liver from many toxins, such as from paracetamol or
Alcoholic beverage Effective against inflammation Kill bacteria Increase efficiency
Of white blood cells to destroy foreign bodies Prevent blood clotting, inhibit
The virus inhibits and destroys cancer cells. Helps digest food better
Directions for use: Take medicine immediately when you feel feverish. Started to have a sore throat Or have a fever
Result: Has fever, does not cause resistance, is not drowsy, no chemical residue in the body.
Increased immunity


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