Hair Dyeing Shampoo Black Color


3 easy steps to change hair color 1. should wash your hair with normal shampoo first to Wash the dirt and oil that is attached to the hair 1 time before. Then ask to wash with Poompuksa hair color shampoo Because it will change the hair color quickly, easily stick, long lasting 2. Wear gloves on both sides. Apply the mixed shampoo. Evenly over the head, gently massage to create lather as well Shampooing normally, leave for 20-30 minutes and then rinse. With clean water. For thick hair, thick hair should be used In case of long hair, 2 sachets should be used. 3.After shampooing, wiping or blow drying, you will get Can color the hair as you like and can change the new hair color This hair color shampoo can be used. "Fast to change, easy to use, not smelly" Suggestions for those who want to change their hair color The shampoo can change the hair color as well the first time. By washing your hair normally for 20-30 minutes.


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