Our beginning and journey
Poompuksa Co., Ltd. has been established in 2001 by Mrs.Patchamon Tadanukulwattana, a scientist and specialist in the field of biological technology from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Lardkrabang, who has a strong passion and interest in herbs. Mrs.Patchamon aims to use herbal famous researches from various sources to develop products for beauty care by selecting the herbs that have high quality, safety, and result guarantee from the usage of effective products.

Until now, for more than two decades, Poompuksa Co., Ltd.

has been the leading manufacturer and distributor of

natural herbal beauty care products under the brand

“Poompuksa” and also Prim Perfect, PRIM – dietary

supplements and herbal medicine.


With the determination of Poompuksa management team,

we intend to produce and deliver the best herbal products to the customer.

Hence, our beloved customers can use high-quality, safe,

and affordable herbal products manufactured under

domestic and global standards.


In addition, the company’s executives and all members intend to develop and set the vision of Poompuksa

to be the innovative leader of health and beauty care. With our passion for all customers to

use valuable herbs for better health, we will continuously advance with the international standard

and maintain high professional ethics. Under the promise to provide our customer “Beauty, Healthy and Happy”

At the present, Poompuksa head office locates at Phan Thong District, Chonburi. Our subordinary locates at Bueng Kum District, Bangkok. We have distributed our products to all provinces in Thailand and more than 30 countries around the world. All Poompuksa and affiliated companies’ members are ready to hand over the high-standard products. With our determination, we aim to deliver the best quality product to our customers with a sense of social responsibility forever.

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