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Armpit Bikini Dark Zone Skins



Cream for dark armpit and groin

Body skin nourishment product / body skin / No rinse-off

Mild to skin. Applies on dark sensitive skin, i.e., armpit, groin, leg and arm creases, underwear creases, the groove between buttocks under clothes.

Direction: Continue to Apply cream on the dark area. Every day in the morning and evening. Should be used daily.

For a better result, apply the cream to the dark area overnight.

Tip: Apply daily without rinse-off

Suitable for

  •  Dark armpit
  • Fox Fordyce
  • Deep nourishment
  • Dark neck or butt
  • Dark knees
  • Dark groin or knee joint
  • Fox Fordyce blister
Direction To Use : Apply cream all sensitive dark zone as you need to white everyday in morning & night.

Net weight 25 g

Registration Number : 10-1-5932256


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