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Concentrated with herbal medical substances. Best selling for more than 10 years in domestic and international. Convenient to use and easy to carry. You will feel oral comfortable after use. Wakes up with fresh breath. Helps to look after oral and gum health.

Suitable for those who have

  • Oral problems that cause bad breath
  • Yellow strains from the cigarette, tea, coffee, and plaque
  • Gum and teeth problems

Direction: Apply pea-sized toothpaste onto a damped toothbrush. Brush your teeth after meals and before bedtime, or as dentist recommendation. Brushing your teeth before bedtime will help to decrease bad breath. Wake you up in the morning with a fresh breath. Daily used to make your gum and teeth healthy and diminish plaque.

Recommendations :

  • Concentrated formula toothpaste, use just pea-sized
  • Brush your teeth properly according to dentist recommendation
  • See the dentist to check oral health every 6 months
  • Use dental floss to oral clean after meals
  • Always clean your tongue while brushing your teeth


Net weight 25 g

Registration Number : 10-1-5503592

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