POOMPUKSA Anti Acne and Brightening Facial Foam



Poompuksa Anti Acne and Brightening Facial Foam

Facial cleansing foam for acne-prone and dull skin

Cleansing / Facial skin / Rinse off

Enriched with Iris flower, green tea, aloe vera, and witch hazel extract. Helps to soothe and gently care for acne-prone skin. Restores your facial skin to be gradually naturally luminous. Zinc Sulfate helps control oiliness and minimize pore. Sodium Hyaluronate helps the skin retain hydration under the skin layer to increase moisture. Reveals your hydrated and youthful facial skin.

Directions:  Wash your face with clean water. Squeeze the foam onto your palm and rub slightly. Massage onto all over your face and then rinse off.

Net weight 100 ml.

Registration Number 20-1-6300051294


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