Toothpaste with herbal extracts A formula that meets the needs of users, toothache problems, swollen gums, receding gums, bad breath problems. With 1500 PPm of fluoride, suitable for people who have problems with bad breath, easy tooth decay, and mouth sores when using general herbal toothpaste.



Herbert Whitening fluoride figure paist
Toothpaste, 12 kinds of herbal extracts, formulas meeting users' needs, toothache, tooth swelling, halitosis, halitosis, containing 1500 ppm of fluorine, can protect teeth, coat teeth, care for dental health, reduce the accumulation of bacteria causing dental plaque, and hydrated silica is helpful to thoroughly remove dental plaque and dirt without damaging the tooth surface, naturally whiten teeth, enhance self-confidence and inhibit oral odor.

Key components
1. Fluoride: protect dental calculus, make dental calculus stronger, prevent dental calculus and reduce the adhesion of microorganisms on the tooth surface.
2. Menthol: a fresh fragrance that helps to breathe.
3. Mouthwash: It is fragrant and helps to reduce bad breath.
4. Squirrel: It is fragrant and helps to eliminate bad breath.
5. Mint: It has a cool aroma and helps to breathe fresh and clean.
6. Asparagus: It helps to suppress bad breath and care for dental tartar and tooth problems.
7. Lilac: Reduce bad breath and care for teeth and tooth problems.
8. Propolis: Care for oral problems, reduce bad breath and nourish teeth and teeth.
9. Spermins: It has fragrance, which helps to eliminate bad breath and keep teeth and teeth healthy.
10. Fungi: Take care of oral problems, reduce oral irritation and nourish oral mucus.
11. Joe: Reduce bad breath and typhus.
12. Baked ants: Take care of oral problems and reduce bad breath.

How to use it and the benefits obtained.
Product use method
Squeeze toothpaste on the brush, the dosage is as much as mung bean, and brush your teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed or after meals, in order to obtain good results, you should use it continuously.
All right.
Those who have bad breath and teeth are not easy to gargle, the time of using common herbal toothpaste.
Performance of the product after use
1. Plaque and teeth are stronger.
2. Reduce the occurrence of dental plaque and reduce dental plaque.
3. Teeth naturally turn white

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