Poompuksa Coconut Oil Herbal Shampoo 500 ml. CODE: 9138-1


Coconut formula revitalizes dry and damaged hair.



Indulge in our vitamin-enriched shampoo, meticulously crafted from concentrated organic coconuts. Our formula is thoughtfully free from allergens and flavorings, ensuring a nurturing experience for both hair and scalp. Restore vitality to dry, damaged hair with deep moisture and embrace the renewed luster, shine, and softness. Specially designed to extend the life of dyed hair and maintain permed locks, our shampoo safeguards color vibrancy and hair health. Perfect for those seeking gentle care post-dyeing and perming, ensuring enduring, clear, and glossy color.

Main Ingredients
Coconut: Conditions scalp, fights germs, moisturizes, prevents dandruff
Olive Oil: Repairs hair cells, promotes healthy hair
Vitamin Pro B5: Maintains hair health, moisturizes for strength and shine

1. Apply shampoo to wet hair, massage gently, then rinse thoroughly.
2. Repeat as needed.
3. Use with conditioner for optimal hair health.

Suiable For
1. Ideal for maintaining dyed and permed hair
2. Addresses frizz, dryness, and split ends

The results received
1. Preserves color vibrancy longer.
2. Ensures smooth, frizz-free, hydrated hair without dryness or split ends.
3. Adds shine.

CODE : 9138-1
BARCODE : 885-7098-20465
FDA : 10-1-6200021691

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