Poompuksa Butterfly Pea Shampoo 500 ml. CODE : 9138-3


Butterfly pea formula, soft, smooth, shiny, natural black hair



Revitalize your hair with our concentrated organic blend of butterfly pea and soap nut. Free from allergens, this formula nourishes dry, damaged hair, restoring strength and shine. Strengthening roots, reducing hair loss, and delaying premature graying, it adds moisture, making hair easily manageable and tangle-free

Main Ingredients
Butterfly Pea: Soothes inflammation and redness, softens and moisturizes hair while enhancing scalp blood flow. Naturally enhances black hair appearance
Soap Nut: Strengthens new hair growth, minimizes shedding, and promotes shiny, black hair.
Vitamin E: Strengthens, prevents dryness, brittleness, and breakage. Enhances scalp blood flow
Vitamin Pro B5: Maintains hair health, moisturizes for strength and shine

How To Use
1. Apply shampoo to wet hair, massage gently, then rinse thoroughly.
2. Repeat as needed
3. Use with conditioner for optimal hair health

Suitable for
1. Suitable for people with sensitive scalp problems.
2. Suitable for those who have hair loss problems

The results received
1. Promotes healthy, strong scalp and hair roots.
2. Reduces hair loss concerns.
3. Achieves soft, smooth, shiny, natural black hair


CODE : 9138-3
BARCODE : 885-7098-20467
FDA : 10-1-6200015324

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