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Properties stated on Thai medicine textbook

Helps to relieve muscle aches, bruises, and sprains. Reduces locked joints. Softens tendons. Diminish cramps.

Direction: Dip Poompuksa compress ball into the water until wet and steam for 15-20 minutes or microwave for 3-5 minutes. Then, compress on the pain area with the speed at the beginning and avoid a long pause.

Results: Relaxes the body, relieves muscle aches, and helps skin healthy

Relieves muscle aches, bruises, and sprains
Reduces locked joints
Treats itchy rash
Glows your skin
Relieves muscle aches and cramps
Softens tendon
Joint aches
Caution: Do not use an overheat compress to apply onto the wound. After compressing, should not shower right away because it will wash away the beneficial medical substances.

Storage: Store in refrigerator after use. 1 Compress ball can be used 3-5 times. If the compress dried, wet with water spray first. If an unpleasant smell appears, do not use it again.

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