Hairs fall off easily, hair removal. Contain Smooth skin Not a chicken skin, does not irritate the skin




Natural wax

Ingredients: Honey, tamarind, aloe vera, and lanolin bee wax (cold wax). Remove unwanted hair from the root. Your new hair is slowly regrown with a slim and soft texture. You can feel the softness and brightness of your legs, arms, and armpits since your first-time use. Reveals your shine and lively skin again from the natural ingredients of Poompuksa. Helps nourish, soften, smooth, and not allergic to your skin to become lively again. Maximize your confidence to reveal.

  • Not allergic to skin
  • Remove unwanted hair to increase the attraction of your legs
  • Remove unwanted hair from the root. Slow down the reborn of hair.
  • Reborn hair is soft and slim.
  • Treat your beautiful skin with concentrated honey and aloe vera

Directions:Before hair wax, clean the waxed area with water and dry. Thinly apply the powder onto the area to absorb moisture.

Use the spatula to apply 1 teaspoon onto the same direction of hair angle with ¾ width of a fabric strip.

Put a fabric strip on the area that cream is applied. Gentle slap to tighten the strip to be as close to the cream as possible. Then, fast pull up the strip with the opposite hair angle direction (As shown in the figure). Unwanted hair will be removed with the strip. However, if the strip is slowly pulled, your unwanted hair will be slightly removed.

Repeated with unwanted hair area by repeating step 1

Clean your skin with cold water to minimize pores

Apply aloe vera tonner to nourish your skin, diminish irritation and minimize pores again

Fabric strip can be used again by washing with warm water. If you do not want to wash, white and clean A4 paper can be single used instead of the fabric strip. Choose at your convenience.

To preserve the cream, close the lid tightly and store it in the cool plan. For the spetular, wash thoroughly and dry.

Reborn hair will be fine and slim. Should be waxed again when unwanted hair is longer

Avoid wax on wounded and sensitive skin

Can be used with all parts of the body, i.e., arm, leg, armpit, and public hair area

After the wax, the skin should be left 1 day before swimming in the sea. 

Wax can be warm with microwave for 15 minutes to be warm wax

Dry loofah should be used when you shower at least 1-2 times a week to prevent clogged sebaceous glands which may cause Kerotosis Pilaris

Net weight 80 g              

Registration Number : 10-1-5933657  


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